Desert Shadow Organic Hair Dye - Indigo Shadow


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Desert Shadow Organic Hair Dye

Indigo Shadow      BLUE BLACK

Dark and mysterious raven black. Indigo Shadow will give a blue black tone on light to dark brown hair.

** We recommend a Red Shadow base application for people with grey and tones of blonde hair to achieve the full, rich colour results of Indigo Shadow. If you do not apply the base colour on grey or blonde hair prior to using Indigo as recommended you will end up with an ash blue tone. 

This colour is ideal for most complexions, especially people with cool tones and naturally brown or dark hair. 


Our Hair Colour Products also act as a hair treatment, helping to repair dry and damaged ends, leaving your hair silky soft and shiny

This Non-irritating 100% Certified Organic formula is ideal for those who have scalp issues, sensitive skin and allergies to commercial hair dyes. It is also a wonderful and safe alternative for Pregnant Mums who would like to continue colouring during pregnancy*  as they contain nothing but Certified Organic Goodness.


Ingredients: Indigofera tinctoria, Lawsonia inermis, Embilica officialis, Rosa simensis, Aloe barbadensis.

100% Certified Organic. Individual results will vary depending on your natural hair colour.


* If you are pregnant and would like to use this, or ANY product for the first time we recommend you first speak with your Doctor. Our products contain nothing but 100% Certified Organic plant material such as leaves and berries which are safe to use but please note the ingredients to take with you to your next appointment. Why do we suggest you do this? Firstly to spread the word and tell our Doctors that there is a chemical free option that is safe to use during pregnancy and ......... to make sure you are offering the best for your little one.

FACT: A large proprtion of Doctors tell pregnant women NOT to use CHEMICAL hair colours during pregnancy. This is because the chemicals used in your regular commercial colours are toxic and as our skin is the largest organ in our body they can be absorbed through the skin. These toxic chemicals can then travel around your body through the blood stream and be passed on. By avoiding Chemical hair colours you will reduce the risk of being exposed to these harsh substances and avoid all the adverse effects they may have on your health.

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