Shakti Acupressure Mat


Shakti Mat - Original

The Shakti Mat - Original - has 6,000 points.  This is the mat recommended for 95% of people.  It is designed to help combat stress, muscle tension and sleep problems by providing circulation and acupressure simultaneously. 

Original Shakti Mat comes in either Green or Orange.


4 Ways to Use your Mat for Better Health


Duration 5+ Minutes
You can expect:
  • A rejuvenated feeling, as though you have just had a foot massage
  • A boost in circulation
  • Improved energy levels
  • A reflexology treatment for the entire body
    Reflexology is based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected on reflex zones on the feet, hands and ears. Stimulating or sedating a reflex zone triggers a response in the corresponding area of the body. Reflexology helps to create a healthy harmonious state within the body and triggers the body’s natural powers of self healing.
    Tip: Start off in socks, and slowly build up to bare feet

    Neck and Shoulders

    Duration 10+ Minutes
    You can expect:
    • An immediate reduction in shoulder and neck tension
    • Rapid relief from headaches
    • Warmth into the neck and shoulders from a vast boost in circulation
    • A release of endorphins, your body's natural feel good hormone
    Endorphin release will calm the symptoms of a migraine or headache while increased circulation and reduced muscle tension can work to remove the underlying cause.
    Tip: You can roll up the mat like the photo above or place a rolled up towel underneath a flat mat for the same effect


    Duration 10+ Minutes
    You can expect:
    • To be put into a deep, relaxed state
    • Relief from upper, lower and middle back pain
    • A release of muscle tension. This relieves the pressure on the spine, pinched nerves and restores normal blood circulation to the area
    • A noticeable reduction in stress. Chronic stress is the leading cause of a vast number of mental and physical ailments today
      Using your Shakti Mat as part of your bedtime routine prepares the body for a deep restful sleep. Try placing the Shakti Mat in bed, lie still and listen to restful music - many people find themselves falling into a much deeper sleep.


        Duration 5-10 Minutes
        You can expect:
        • Your muscles to warm and relax, perfect for post-run recovery 
        • Relief from restless leg syndrome

         As we age, our joints and inter-vertebral discs start to degenerate from the lack of nutrients and hydration. Stimulation the Shakti Mat provides increases blood-circulation, which helps bring oxygen, nutrients, pain reducing and anti-inflammatory hormones to the joints, bones, muscles and other damaged tissue. 

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